Hair Salon

We cater for ladies, gents and children. Our range of hair services includes, blow-dry's, cutting, styling, colours, perms, straightening, long-term hair extensions, put-ups etc.

We specialise in changing hairstyles if you want something new. Call in to the salon anytime for a free consultation. We cater for weddings, either in-salon or at your home. Come in and discuss your requirements. Our facilities at the hair salon include:
Full ventilation and air conditioning 
11 Stylist Stations
Wheelchair Access
Complimentary Percolated Coffee or Tea
Comfortable Waiting Area
Computerised Booking and Billing System
Printed Appointment Slips
Only Top Brands Used
Central heating
3 Wash Basins
Soft Background Music
Separate Reception Area
Debit and Credit Cards Accepted
Nearby Parking
Safe Environment

01271 325550
When you visit a salon to have your hair styled what should you expect. Clearly the most important thing is to have a good quality hairstyle, whether its colouring, cutting or just having a blow-dry. But its not just about a good hairstyle.

You should expect to have an enjoyable experience whilst in the salon. Customer service is almost as important as a good hairstyle and will certainly influence which salon you use.

When you phone to make an appointment you expect the receptionist to have a good telephone manner, to be efficient in giving you a choice of dates and times to suit you, and to make you feel that you will be made welcome at the salon.

When you arrive at the salon you will expect to be welcomed, not to be kept waiting after your appointment time, to be helped with your coat and to be offered a coffee or other beverage. You will expect all the staff who deal with you to be friendly and courteous and to make you feel that you are an important customer. You should also expect a nice farewell as you leave the salon.

The salon itself should be a clean and pleasant place to be. It should feel like a friendly place. It should smell good and be bright and airy. This is all created by a good décor, nice flooring, stylish furniture, air conditioning, adjustable basins and chairs, variety of magazines, good quality coffee, customer gowns etc. You will quickly be able to see if the salon makes an effort about its environment or not.

You will expect your stylist to be knowledgeable, professional, and capable. You should have a good consultation so that you and the stylist agree on exactly what you want done to your hair and how you expect it to look. Your stylist should give you advice on managing your hair and how to keep it looking its best at all times.

The final important element that you should expect is a reasonable price, and no surprises. The salon should publish its prices openly and if you have any extras in the salon your stylist should explain the cost. You don’t want cheap and cheerful, so you expect to pay for quality and service but equally you don’t want to pay exorbitant prices.

At Golds Hair Salon in Barnstaple we try to tick all the boxes. Our aim is to provide top quality, terrific service and reasonable prices. If you have not yet been to golds why not look in and see the salon and have a free consultation.

We aim to please.