golds beauty to be fully operational from August 1st
Golds hair opened on July 4th and golds beauty on July 13th for nail treatments, pedicures and waxings.

The government have now given the green light for all beauty treatments to start from August 1st. From that date golds beauty will be open for all treatments including facials, eyelash and eyebrow treatments, lip waxing and microblading.

golds re-opening Saturday 4th July - update as at 3rd July
We are all set for opening on July 4th. The hair salon has been divided between our two salons with six stylists chairs in each. The salons have been made as safe from Coronavirus as we can, and there is a range of Personal Protective Equipment for the use of both clients and staff.

Please turn up on time for your appointment and if you wear a coat please bring a carrier bag to put it in.

Sadly the government are not allowing us to open our new beauty suite for the time being. We are hoping that we will be able to open beauty later in July.

The anti-virus preparation for both salons has been expensive. The PPE per client (masks, disposable gowns, sanitising gel, disposable towel)) coupled with the PPE for staff for every client (visor, mask, disposable apron, gel and sanitisers) has also been very expensive. To help cover these costs we are going to charge every client a PPE Surcharge of £1.50.   This charge will cease as soon as PPE can be stopped

July 4th - golds is re-opening
golds is pleased to announce that we will be re-opening our hair salon on 4th July.

The beauty salon has to remain closed until the government lift the restriction on beauty salons.

Appointments have been made with most of our customers over the next few weeks. For those who do not yet have appointments we will be taking appointment calls on 01271 325550 on Saturday 4th, Sunday 5th (between 10 and 4), Monday 6th (between 10 and 4) and during normal working hours thereafter. We thank clients for bearing with us during the rush to get appointments and apologise to clients who were not able to get through to us by phone.

Changes to the way of working

There will be a one-way system in the main salon to prevent clients and staff coming face to face. This will be clearly marked out.  

When clients arrive they will be met outside the salon by a member of staff who will explain the changes and what PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) will be used. You will then be taken to a gowning area where you will be asked to clean your hands with alcohol gel, you will be given a mask (unless you are already wearing one) and fitted with a disposable protective gown. You will then be taken to your stylists (or therapists) station.

Your stylist/therapist will also be wearing protective gear. A face visor, mask, gloves and a disposable apron. The disposable aprons and gowns will be disposed of after each client’s service.

The stylists station will be cleaned and sterilised before every client arrives. Scissors, combs etc will be sterilised in Barbicide and the chair, trolley, station unit will be cleaned with disinfectant. Disposable paper towels will be used at the washbay. Disposable paper hand towels will be used in the toilets. Staff will be continually cleaning the salons door handles, banisters, toilets, washbay basins and chairs etc.

In the main salon we have a ventilation extract system which changes the ail in the salon every few minutes. We also have air conditioning which filters and cools the fresh air. We consider this combination to give us a clear advantage over most salons as any virus germs in the atmosphere will be quickly removed and replaced with fresh air.  The new beauty suite has ventilation in each room.

Clients requirements

We ask all clients to arrive exactly on time for their appointment as we will have no waiting area. Clients who arrive late may not be serviced if it risks running late for the next appointment.

If you are not feeling well on the day of your appointment or show any signs of coronavirus we ask you to cancel your appointment and not come to the salon.

Likewise, if any staff member shows signs of the virus they should not come to the salon to work.

If you bring a jacket or coat, please also bring a supermarket bag to put it in as we will not be operating our normal wardrobe.

We will supply PPE but if you wish to wear your own mask that is fine. You may retain your mask as you leave as they are now very expensive to purchase retail.

Clients will have to comply with our PPE requirements to have their hair or beauty treatment.  

Ideally we would like you to pay by card, but we will accept cash (cashier will be wearing gloves).

If you wish to bring a book or magazine to read while being processed that will be fine.

As we will not be serving drinks (other than water) if you wish to bring your own drink in a flask or drinker that will be fine.

All services will be by appointment only. As appointments will be precious we will charge 50% of your service cost for a ‘no-show’.  New clients will be asked to pay a 50% deposit when making their appointment. Please do not forget your appointment.

All new clients will be asked to pay a 50% deposit when making their appointment.
All of the above measures sound rather draconian. We would point out however that they are all for your protection and for protection of the staff.

We are determined that our salons and services will be safe. We want our clients to feel safe and secure in golds.