St Tropez Spray Tan

golds beauty now offers a spray tanning service using top quality StTropez spray tan. We will give you a colour to suit your skin tone.golds staff had StTropez tans for the golds Chrismas partyWe have a new high specification sun shower (vertical sunbed). Fitted with 48 by 2 metre lamps the sun shower is a safe and effective way of building up a natural tan gradually..
The cubicle is fitted with an air conditioner which extracts the hot air created by the lamps to ensure maximum comfort.

The sun shower is even fitted with stereo speakers so that you can listen to the salon music whilst in the sun shower. 

We are very safety conscious. Under 18s are not allowed to use the sun shower, For pale skins we allow 3 minutes only to start. This can build up to 6 minutes or 9 minutes when you are tanned but the maximum allowable in one day is 9 minutes.

We also encourage, and supply for a nominal charge, the use of eye protectors or goggles to prevent the glare from damaging your eyes. We also advise (and supply) , using sun protection cream in the same way as you would if sunbathing.

The sun shower is in its own private lockable room to ensure your complete privacy and comfort.

A great experience.

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